Allies Left Behind

In 'Allies Left Behind', Wolv Media investigates why many of America's Afghan allies have yet to be evacuated despite years of service to the U.S. There are currently thousands of Afghan refugees awaiting visa processing to the United States, who are eligible for residency in the U.S. because they assisted the U.S. government during the twenty-year U.S. presence in Afghanistan. Despite their eligibility, many are experiencing visa processing delays as they struggle to make ends meet. Wolv traveled to Pakistan to record the powerful testimony of some of the Afghans undergoing visa processing to the U.S. These included journalists, soldiers, policemen, human rights activists, and other Afghan allies who face several imminent threats in Islamabad. Wolv also spoke with leading civil society activists in the U.S. to help explain the bureaucratic inefficiencies in the U.S. government that are causing delays, and potential pathways forward to alleviate the crisis.

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